DaneDreams is a small hobby kennel that breeds occasionally for ourselves, and only after complete health screenings (OFA hips, OFA elbows, OFA thyroid, OFA cardio, CERF – CHIC certified).  We take great effort to produce quality animals and extensively screen all potential homes.

Although the word “kennel” is used none of our dogs are kenneled.  They are all family companions and full time housedogs, living their life inside the home and allowed access to the outdoors whenever they desire.  Occasionally you will find one of them sharing our bed, but you will often find the majority filling the voids of the couch and chair in the family room when they're not outside sunning on the lawn or playing chase across the yard.

Puppies will go to those families that have taken the time to get to know us.   I want to feel comfortable and confident that all pups are placed in proper homes.   I do not want one of my pups’ sold/given up/or otherwise and my contract states I have “the right of first refusal”.  If you do sell/place/give up or otherwise remove the dog from your home without contacting us first you will be in breach of contract.

 Every pup is placed on limited registration with spay/neuter contracts and co-ownership.  Registration papers will be released upon proof of spay/neuter.

 Show potential pups are also placed on co-ownership contracts with exceptions made for proven AKC Champion show homes.

 No puppy shall leave our home before the age of 8 weeks.  They will have had the necessary medical care, minimal crate experience, familiar with grooming, some potty training and a puppy pack that contains the following:

Sale and Limited Health warranty contract (and any addendums
AKC Registration Papers (copy pending spay/neuter)
Copy of Health Certifications for Sire and Dam
Pictures of Sire and Dam, candid photos of pup with entire litter, alone and with any of their fellow pack mates.
Collar and lead
Food (sample) recommended
Care and feeding instructions
Ear care –if cropped
Articles pertaining to the Great Dane, it’s care and feeding, along with a couple of suggested books
Toy and/or blanket –played with/used to capture the smell of Mom and/or littermates.
DaneDreams contact information with the understanding that you are now a part of the DaneDreams extended family.  In laymen’s terms, you are stuck with us.  We anticipate your calls, questions, brags and cries, and actually look forward to receiving pics, updates, etc. 

 In closing let me make it clear that these babies are very much a part of me and knowing they are safe, happy and loved their entire life is top priority.