DaneDreams Sophie
DaneDreams Sophie (pink), first puppy girl born 
and the smallest in the litter, weighing in at a Sophie 28
mere 1 lb 1 oz.  She was my fiesty dark fawn sweetie 
without a spot of white on her perfect little body. 
Left uncropped, she went home with the Slowinski's, 
where she keeps her people active.  
Sophie has a German Shepherd companion that has 
been like a second mother to her since she went to 
her new home.  If you look at the pics below you can   Laila was one of the biggest girls in the litter
see they are great companions.                                      and I just had to show her how much she weighed.  



                                                Peter gets a kick out of the girls using the doggy door.

    Sophie 29      Sophie

Sophie 1Sophie 4Sophie 5Sophie 6

Sophie 7